Young Designers Revive House Shirts


The Middle School house shirts have undergone an overhaul thanks to some talented student artists. Every Middle School student submitted at least one t-shirt design, which were posted without names so that each student and staff member could vote for their favourites. The first vote narrowed the contest to several finalists and a second vote decided the winners.

The new shirts have just arrived. Below, some of the students behind the winning designs discuss their inspiration and excitement.

by Angelina, Grade 6
When creating my design, I wanted to draw an animal that was composed of its habitat or origins, so my final design was a Phoenix drawn in flames. To me, it not only symbolizes power, but also rebirth and new beginnings. I’m really glad that my design is being used, so thanks to everyone who voted for me!

by Isabella, Grade 7
For my house shirt design I was inspired by the movie Wolverine because of the iconic claw slashes. When I found out that my design made the finals for the competition I was so happy and surprised at the same time. I was so excited for the final round of the voting that I felt as if my chest would explode. When they announced that my design had won for Bolton, I was proud of myself.

by Charlotte, Grade 6
When I saw that my t-shirt design had won I was overjoyed! The day the winners were announced, my best friend ran up to me and said “YOU WON, YOU WON!” We ran up to the finalist board and it was true, I had won the design contest for my house. I saw that two of my friends in Grade 6 had their designs chosen as well! Go Grade 6!

I am so excited that my design was chosen, because not only will everyone be wearing it at house games, but it will be the t-shirt design for a few more years to come. I am so proud to be part of the school, and so proud to have had my Wenman Wolf drawing be chosen for the t-shirts. When I saw my wolf on the finished t-shirts at the Reindeer Games, I felt so happy, I loved the electric green colour, the graphic face and font, and the privilege of having this cool opportunity to be able to see my artwork on tons of kids at the same time! Thank you SMUS!


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