Animal Habitats On Display


Before the holiday break, our Grade 4 students hosted parents and fellow students for an exhibit of animal habitats. Each student researched a particular animal and their natural environment and put together a presentation of their findings. Students were able to use Biteslide, an online tool, and many also built dioramas, dressed in costume and brought in props to help their audience share in their newfound knowledge.

Below, a few presenters reflect on what they learned over the course of the project.

by Sofie, Grade 4
The two parts of the project that I was most proud of are my visual and my map. I was most proud of my visual because it turned out way better than I expected. I was most proud of my map because I have never in my life been able to do a map. What I found tricky was making the snow monkeys for my visual, because their head is really hard to make and if you make it just a tiny bit off it looks really funny.

I think that the necessary skills for this project are: reading, because you had to read the information to do your note taking, building, because you had to build a lot of things for your visual and writing, because you had to put everything in your own words. The step that was the easiest to me was the Biteslide presentation. The step that was trickiest for me was finding information about snow monkeys.

Some things I would do the same would be making a visual (diorama) and making the Biteslide presentation because to me those were the most fun.

by Matthew, Grade 4
I was proud of my Biteslide presentation because I thought that it was the best thing I did. I also liked the note-taking, because I thought that I did a good job. The building of the diorama was hard because I needed to know how I was going to do it and how long or big the diorama was. I have learned a lot about myself as a learner. Something I would do differently in the future would be to be patient about everything and I would try to do everything more slowly.

by Olivia, Grade 4
I felt proud when I worked on Biteslide because I could successfully navigate myself through a website without getting stuck. I was also proud when I was doing my mapping because there were so many steps and I was able to do all of them. Finding the information was tricky, because when we began our projects I did not know how to use a computer well and I couldn’t find much in books. To do a project like this, I think you need the skills of patience and independence. I learned that I work better using my hands or reading than working on a computer.

Our students also share their work at our student-led conferences, an alternative to parent-teacher conferences. Read what students have to say about presenting to their parents.


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