Duke of Edinburgh Award Recipients 2013

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is an exciting self-development Programme available to all young people ages 14-25, equipping them with life skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities and the world. This is a globally recognized program.

The Award celebrates students serving their communities, being physically active, developing a skill such as a musical instrument or a new language, and taking part in an adventurous journey. While it is not mandatory for each student to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award, each aspect is an integrated and important part of our students’ experience at SMUS.

In 2013, the following students received the Duke of Edinburgh Award:

Bronze –  6 months to complete

David Lee

Emma Loughton

Rachel Benjamin

Uma Hallea

Caryn Cooper

Silver – 12 months to complete

Isaac Chung

Mike Edwards

Daphne Tso

Sarah Loughton

Ryan Cui

Kasey Boyle

Sarah Taylor

Gold –  18 months to complete

Colin Hawes

Zach Khan

duke of ed Feb2014

caryn rachel uma

It is through the process of having these experiences and the reflection afterwards that can often unveil deep personal development.

One recipient shares his experience about his adventurous journey.

“Looking back on the trip, it challenged me far further then anything ever has before, and for this I am glad.  Remembering this trip makes me feel proud that I made it, but I also feel pride for my friends and how we dealt with the conditions at hand. It’s these kinds of situations that you find out what you’re made of and I learned far more about my self than I would have at home or at school. “

For more information about the Duke of Edinburgh Award, please contact me in the Leadership office or register online. http://www.dukeofed.org/bc/onlineregistration (please indicate that you are part of the St.Michaels University School group). Students who are 14 years old should register for Bronze. 15, please register for Silver. 16 or older choose whether you can complete Silver or Gold. Students must register before you can start recording your activities so the sooner the better.


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