A Season of Giving


Our Middle School students put together 18 hampers to brighten the holiday for local families in need. Below, one of our students writes about the experience.

by Zoe, Grade 7
Every year it is a tradition at our Middle School for each TAG class to make a hamper for a family. The program that our hampers go to is HerWay Home program. In our TAG, we had five and a half boxes full of things for a Mom (who is pregnant with a baby girl) a Dad and a two-year-old girl so they could have a Merry Christmas.

The things that I got for the hampers were coffee, flour, honey, hot chocolate, juice boxes, syrup and Christmas crackers. I also brought a giant stuffy and a barbie doll for the two year old girl. The reason why hampers are important is because without our school doing the hampers, then the families would not have as many things for Christmas. I am very happy that this is one of the ways our school helps people. Hopefully everyone will have Merry Christmas.

Middle School students also spent time working with Amnesty International this week, taking part in their annual Write for Rights campaign.


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