Writing for Human Rights

write_for_rightsby Dariol Haydock, Assistant Director of Middle School

On December 10, the Middle School held our second annual Amnesty International Write for Rights event. In support of International Human Rights Day, almost 100 students wrote letters to different countries calling on authorities to respect human rights. Letters were written to Heads of State in Palestine, Nigeria, Myanmar, Belarus, Tunisia and even to our own Mr. Harper, with respect to indigenous rights and resource extraction.

SMUS students joined hundreds of thousands of letter writers around the world in this global initiative. Students see the impact of one letter when it is viewed as part of a bigger combined voice.

Many students commented on the timeliness of the event in this week as we discuss Nelson Mandela and his legacy. One student added that Nelson Mandela was himself an object of Amnesty action and reminded us that later in life Mandela went on to become an Amnesty ambassador.


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