Take a (Virtual) Tour Around Campus

vp_tourintroWe’re not trying to put our amazing Admissions tour ambassadors out of a job, but our new virtual walking tour is pretty sweet. Click on the link to see for yourself: 360° panorama photos, lots of video and even a friendly tour guide, Thora, to show you around. We’ve put together a bit of a trivia scavenger hunt for you below – we’ll post answers next week, but feel free to send your answers to your friends and see who can get the most.

Begin the tour here.

Who looks out over the sports fields in the Welcome stop of the tour?

Name one famous scientist who is hanging on the wall in the “Boarding Room 360° photo.

How many pool balls are on the pool table in the Common Room 360° photo?

What outdoor activity is depicted in the prize-winning outdoor education photo?

What stage piece is Mr. McLeod using in the drama room 360° photo?

What kind of reptile can be seen at the Middle School?

What’s the hottest piece of equipment at the Middle School?

What’s for dessert in Brown Hall?

Name one grad from the class of 2013 that appears in the Keep the Beat video (hint: Click on “The Quad” stop on the tour).

What time is it on the courtyard clock (hint: click on the Science Building or Music Building tours).

Have you been waiting for a way to tell friends and family exactly how amazing our campus is? Well, here’s your chance. Share the tour with them.


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