Strings Musicians Review Concerts


Recently, both our Grade 4 and 5 Strings students gave performances at the Junior School. Below, young musicians talk about how it feels to be on stage and why they enjoy being a part of the performance.

by Olivia, Grade 4
I was proud when we finished and took a bow together because it was my first concert at SMUS and everyone was clapping. I found it tricky to stay calm and smile because I felt like every pair of eyes were on me. Two virtues that could describe the concert for me were happiness and excitement. I felt happy because when I play an instrument or when I dance in front of people I feel like I am flowing. I can’t stop. The feeling makes me happy. I felt excited because I was playing in front of people. At the beginning of the year, I was working on reading music, now I am working on letting my music blend into everyone else’s.

by Nadia, Grade 5
Grade 5 strings is hard but also fun and rewarding. The songs we played for our concert had two different languages in them: French and English. To prepare for our concert, we needed to practice our songs until they were perfect. Sometimes we sped up our songs because they got boring if they were too slow. On Thursday, the day before the concert, we had a final dress rehearsal with the other class. On Friday morning we came to school early and Mrs. Smith tuned our instruments. Then we played our concert. I thought we did a fantastic job! Thank you Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Yorath, Ms. Newsome and all the other teachers who made this concert a success!

by Caoimhe, Grade 5
On Friday we did a strings concert here at school. Throughout the term we were practicing music to show the school and the parents. We performed six pieces and three students were picked to do a short solo. I feel we are lucky to be able to do strings as not many schools have the chance to have a teacher in their school. We also have an amazing teacher as she never will make us do things above our level. I really enjoyed doing the concert and would love to do it again.

by Markus, Grade 4
I am the most proud of learning how to read notes, not making that many mistakes. I am the most proud of the whole class for co-operating and having a great performance! I am proud of learning how to read notes because when I was learning how to read notes on the piano, it took a lot longer than on the cello. I thought it would be tricky to learn how to read music, to learn how to hold a bow properly and how to play the cello, in general, but what I thought would be the most tricky was probably taking the cello home! I thought it would be tricky to read notes because I need to multi-task because I need to read and play at the same time. The virtues I needed were peacefulness, trustworthiness and determination. Peacefulness, because if you make a mistake, you should not get frustrated. Trustworthiness, because you need to trust Mrs. Smith and trust that she will teach you the right thing. Determination because you need to be determined to learn how to play an instrument.

by Erik, Grade 4
The part that went well was that I was confident the whole time through and I barely made any mistakes! I really liked Matthew and Emma’s playing because they were all different and one of ours were by the same composer. The part that was tricky was when the shoulder rest fell off my violin and we were about to start a song so I played without it for that one. I really felt comfortable when it was over because that’s when my worries are gone!

Our Middle School strings musicians also performed recently. Listen to the finale from their concert and read a review by Junior and Middle School strings teacher Mary Smith..


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