Les Roches and Glion in Spain and Switzerland


Les Roches Marbella 2
Les Roches, Marbella

If students who are interested in studying business want a programme in which they can learn to specialize in an industry while still getting an accredited Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with an international focus, one of the Laureate International Education institutions would be a great alternative. Their focus on the practical during what they refer to as craft-based learning is similar to co-op programmes in Canada but with an even greater emphasis on connections to industry. Companies as diverse as Hyatt Hotels and Bloomberg Financial visit the campuses to recruit students for internships and eventually, for many students, permanent jobs.

Along with counsellors from at least 10 different countries, I was the guest of Laureate International Education in visiting four of their campuses in Spain and Switzerland last week. Les Roches and Glion offer BBA degrees in which students can undertake a variety of specializations in their last two semesters while focusing on an aspect of business such as tourism, finance, or hotel management. One specialization that caught my attention is Event, Sport and Entertainment. Students learn about event management within the entertainment and sports industries. They can be working on events as large as the European Cup in football or the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Costa del Sol
The Costa del Sol, Marbella Spain

Les Roches in Marbella, Spain, is situated in a thriving resort town along the Costa del Sol on the Mediterranean. Students are often able to carry out their internships in one of the hotels located on what is called the Golden Mile because of the preponderance of luxury residences and hotels, or in one of the many golf courses throughout the area which is sometimes referred to as the Costa del Golf.

Located near Crans Montana in the small village of Bluche 90 minutes from Montreux, Les Roches, Switzerland offers students the same specializations as in Spain with the addition of having the opportunity of accessing the local ski resort with a season pass that costs only 550 Swiss francs.

The other Swiss campus is Glion, in Montreux and housed in castle overlooking Lake Geneva and the Swiss Riviera with an additional campus in Bulle not far from Montreux.
At all of the campuses, I was impressed with the facilities in stunning locales; the curricular opportunities to obtain a BBA with very specific specializations and mandatory, worldwide internships; and the readily apparent politeness and hospitality training exhibited by the students who come from over 90 different countries. These are truly global institutions.



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