Learning and the Brain: Cultivating Strengths

How are our personal strengths defined? Often, other people – our parents, teachers and bosses – tell us what we are best at and where we fall short. But which area should we attend to most?

In the latest installment of the Learning and the Brain Series, Heather Clayton explores the concept of strengths as set out by Marcus Buckingham, author of Now, Discover Your Strengths. He argues that we should focus more on developing strengths rather than trying to fix our weaknesses.

Heather also talks about the idea of a strength being something you enjoy doing versus something you have a talent for. She provides tips for parents on how to deepen their understanding of strengths and how to start conversations with their kids about their talents and passions.

Heather recently spoke about cultivating strengths on Real Parenting (CFAX radio) where she also discussed her recent session on Introversion and Extroversion.


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