Baking For A Brighter Holiday


By Nina Duffus, teacher

Our Grade 2 students have continued their annual tradition of making and selling gingerbread. The 22 students have weighed, measured, rolled, cut, arranged, decorated, bagged, tallied, sold, counted money, shopped for toys and games, and wrapped them too! A highlight of the gingerbread making experience was eating lunch in Brown Hall. We went up to the Senior School to roll and cut out cookies in the Tuck Shop and had Sodexo bake the cookies for us.

Rosie says, “The hardest part was rolling out the dough, and the most fun part was shopping!” Abby learned to push on the barrel of the rolling pin instead of the handles and to wiggle the cookie cutters to get the dough out, while Lyam learned to use the rolling guides so that all of the cookies are the right thickness. Jennifer learned to make sure we put the sharp side of the cookie cutters down and not the folded side.

This year the students baked 1710 cookies and sold them in bags of three for $5. This raised $2850 for our chosen charities this year. They were the Moms and Mentors Program of the 1Up Single Parents Resource Centre, which received $1825 in toys, gifts and Fairways grocery cards, and the Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan Fund for the Philippines, which received $1025.

Our Grade 2 students bake gingerbread every year and have even been featured on CTV for their previous efforts. More photos of this year’s project are available in the SMUS photo gallery.


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