Monash University, Melbourne, Australia


Australia is optimistic. Its people are positive and forward-looking. Business is good. And the weather’s great! International students would be lucky to study in Australia.

Enthusiasm, energy and excellence are the hallmarks of university education at Monash University, in the Melbourne area. With several campuses on the peninsula south of Melbourne, one in the city, and several more overseas, Melbourne has an impressive set of study locations. Having established its top-100 world ranking in several program areas, Monash seeks to attract international students to its Melbourne-area campuses. IT, Business, and Art/Design/Architecture are feature programs at Monash’s Caulfield campus, just a 15-minute train ride from Flinders Street Station, a favorite meeting place for Melbournians. A few minutes more by shuttle bus takes the student to Monash Clayton, its largest, most comprehensive campus where Monash boasts state-of-the art programs and facilities for science, engineering, arts, and humanities. The CAVE2 visualization system and CAD labs at Monash Clayton are among the most advanced in the world.

The Peninsula campus offers PBL business programs and an education faculty that features undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degrees. At the Parkville campus in central Melbourne, automated teaching systems are used in the Monash Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences programs.

A member of the prestigious Australian Group of Eight universities and a QS World “5 Star Plus” university, Monash’s superb students services and comfortable and supportive residential system welcomes students from all over the world. Substantial financial aid is available in select faculties and programs. It is important to note that students can enter either Law or Medicine at Monash, direct from high school.

Monash University will visit SMUS in the near future.

Photos – Beach in Frankston, close to the Peninsula campus, residence grounds at Clayton, Inside the CAVE2 3-D visualizer at Clayton.


On the residence grounds Monash2013_1120AB


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