Rowing: Against the Wind


In what has been an ongoing, but no longer even mildly entertaining theme, Mother Nature – through driving rain and heavy winds – drastically cut short the scheduled November 2-3 Victoria City Rowing Championship Regatta.

In fact, by 10:30am on the Saturday of the competition, organizers cancelled all races for the day. They then schemed overnight to come up with a modified plan for Sunday; one that featured direct-timed finals. While not an ideal scenario, every athlete from the 14 competing schools participated in at least one race, which somehow were all conducted before darkness fell at Beaver Lake.

Despite the weather induced frustrations, the 50 rowers representing SMUS took part in 13 of the 25 events, performing to a very high standard in claiming five gold medals and an overall second place team finish.

Congratulations to all involved for their patience, determination and positive attitude.

First Place Finishes

  • Junior Women 4X: Brynn Cathrea, Sarah Hagkull, Kate Lauman-Wallace, Pia-Marie Vittinghoff
  • Senior Novice Women 8+: Patricia Ye, Kaitlynn Torstensen, Orla McElroy, Kalkidan Amare, Madalyne Standen, Julianna Wong, Isabella Gudgeon, Sarah Loughton, Chloe White (Cox)
  • Senior Novice Men 8+: James Hayashi, Richard Chan, Henry Liu, Roland Liao-Briere, Zachary Kahn, Anthony Kinahan, Max Widjaja, Matthew Brien, Katelyn McAulay (Cox)
  • Junior Women 2X: Pia Vittinghoff, Brynn Cathrea
  • Junior Novice Men 8+: Nathan Anter, Aubry Williams, Joshua Kahn, Zachary Zwicky, Jordan Hibbert, Connor Fenton, Luke Erasmus, Rosendo Gutierrez, Katie McAulay (Cox)

Third Place Finishes

  • Advance Women 4X: Sage Friswell, Dayna Fitzgerald, Acacia Welsford, Charlie White

Photos by Stephanie Anter


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