A Hectic Halloween


Students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 had a very happy Halloween, showing off some amazing costumes and enjoying all sorts of spirited activities.

Both the WEB and LinkLeader programs hosted pumpkin carvings earlier in the week while Junior School students managed to complete some holiday crafts. There were even some spooky books on hand for the Reading Buddies program on Monday.

Boarders enjoyed a host of activities before the holiday, including a ghost walk tour around Victoria and a display of amazing pumpkin carvings down in Oak Bay.

On Halloween Day, students came to classes in an impressive array of costumes. In attendance were the Life of Pi lead character (complete with boat and tiger), the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and a group of ice cream flavours. Costume parades featured many zombies, princesses and assorted characters from books, games and movies, and Senior School students enjoyed some festive activities, including a cupcake walk and a doughnut on a string competition.

Staff and teachers surprised students with an incredible version of the Thriller dance, for which they donned zombie make-up and costumes. The holiday was then capped off in the evening with a haunted house and fireworks display at the Wenman Pavilion, complete with seasonal treats and hot chocolate.

Halloween photos from all three campuses can be found in the SMUS photo gallery.


  1. What can I say! Wow. Fantastic. Amazing. How many hours of practice did that take? You are all terrific role models. Your rendition of “Thriller” is yet another example of why we were so happy to have our son Lindon Carter attend SMUS. I know how hard all of you work. I recognize the incredible dedication you bring to your jobs. Rehearsals for Halloween performances are probably not on your job description – but you all do it anyway. Thank you – I laughed and cheered along with the students as I watched the performance. I sent a text message to Lindon right away. He watched you dance and sent a text right back – he loved the performance too. Miss you all. I am going to have to find a way to ‘hang out at SMUS’ somehow. I am going through SMUS withdrawal pains now that Lindon is away at university. Again, thank you for being the faculty and staff you are – please know that you are appreciated and admired by this family. All the best. Lara Lauzon


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