Throwing the Doors Wide Open


Eager to show their pride in the school, our Grade 5 leaders have been touring prospective parents around the Junior School. This is what they said about their experience.

I enjoyed giving a tour today because I got to share my feelings about the school. At first I was nervous but on the tour I felt confident. The family was really nice and I hope to do this again sometime. – Zarina

I really enjoyed giving a tour today because I thought it was fun showing people something that I know really well. It was also fun to think I was trying to get them to want to come to our school. I feel really proud to be a Grade 5 leader and I’m excited to see what else I will do this year. – Devon

I enjoy doing tours because I get to express what I think about the school and because the people were very nice. – Matt

I think the parents liked the tour – Jacob

I liked how the parents were very interested in the tour I gave. – Rune


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