Humanities 7: Connecting Skills for Enriched Learning


This year, the Middle School has a new course: Humanities 7. An amalgamation of English and Social Studies, Humanities 7 covers the same curriculum as its predecessors. However, combining these two courses the students will be able to practice the skills learned and make the connection between these two areas of study.

Communication of student understanding is developed in many ways, not only in writing and oral presentations but also using technology. There are many examples of how this is currently being put into action in the Grade 7 classes. While creating a Human Ancestor assignment students have used a variety of technology – Prezi, Google Presentation and Google Docs – to demonstrate their learning. Students were asked to use technology skills, presentation skills, research skills as well as writing skills to prepare this assignment.

Novels have been selected to ensure not only a well-rounded variety of material, but also to enhance students’ knowledge of historical time periods. In this way students will have a broader understanding of the social structures and cultures of historical times while studying the novel.

Humanities 7 creates the opportunity for the student and teacher to form a strong relationship as well as making connections between two areas of study. There are currently four teachers involved in this course working together, using the expertise of each, ensuring a cohesive and stimulating course for all students.


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