Dream Big: Our New Annual Fund


For over 20 years, the SMUS community has come together to support our school and our students through the Annual Fund. This year, the Annual Fund has changed its name to the Dream Big Fund; though its goals – including financial aid – remain the same, departing Director of Annual Fund Lori Adam says that the change reflects the growth and the strength of the fund.

“It’s because of our parents, alumni and staff that our school can dream big,” says Lori. “The dream isn’t just about what’s happening today – it’s about building on past support and looking towards the future.”

For Lori, the future includes a relocation and marriage, but she will continue to work closely with Shara Campsall, who became the Director of the Dream Big Fund this October. Shara, a parent to two SMUS Junior School students, is excited about her new role with the school.

“I am so passionate about this job,” she says. “We all benefit from the Dream Big Fund.” Dream Big brochure

Shara says that her experience with the school has shown her how much the school is shaped by the Fund, which helps maintain a diverse student population and provides training for teachers.

“It enables teachers and staff to provide the best education possible,” she says. “I will do whatever I can to make sure we meet our goal.”

Dream Big aims to raise $1.3 million. Supporters can choose where their contribution goes, putting it towards immediate financial aid or a particular initiative or program.

“The most important aspect about the annual fund is participation. A strong school can be operated with tuition revenue, but exceptional programs, additional resources and curriculum-extension opportunities come from a robust culture of philanthropy,” says Shara.

For Lori Adam, Director of the Annual Fund for the past six years, the name ‘Dream Big’ captures the spirit of the Fund. With strong community support behind financial aid and scholarships, a growing fund means more students are able to fulfill their big dream: to attend SMUS.

The stories from recipients – including our Head Girl and alumnus Renee Dugan ’90 – in this year’s brochure show how much of an impact realizing that dream can have. In realizing her own dream of growing the Dream Big Fund, Lori feels she has helped to accomplish something important and now she is ready to start a new chapter of her life.

“No matter where I go, I will always be proud of SMUS and the community we are so lucky to have here,” she says. “I’m confident that Shara will do a great job continuing to bring that community together in support of our school.”


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