2 Ways to Get What You Want

This is a weekly email series sent to every Senior School student, houseparent and faculty member focused on Leadership Development at SMUS

Leadership Development – The work is YOU

While you are at school, you may think that the work is math, drama, or science, or……??

That is actually incorrect.The work is YOU. You are the work.In everything you do, think to yourself…..How was that for me? How did I demonstrate good character, good leadership? The subject matter is a vehicle for you to challenge yourself, working with others, deal with ease and adversity and to grow as an individual. Every day is a new chance to demonstrate what you are made of. Learning about yourself is step one of being an effective leader.

Theme #1: Goal Setting

Goal setting 101

How to get what you want:

When you walk into a restaurant, you don’t just say, “Bring me some food.” You know what you want and you are specific. Do the same with your life. Don’t just say, “I want to do well in school” or “I want to be on the volleyball team” or…….whatever?? Be Specific.The clearer and more vividly you visualize a goal, the easier it is to become real, for you to achieve it. If possible be so clear on this goal that you can feel it, see it, and smell it!focus_goal

Action #1:

Take some time this week (specifically Monday night at 8:30) to set two goals…. one for the year and one for the next 2-3 years . Use vivid details, describe it on paper very clearly, feel yourself achieving that goal. Write it down. Post it on facebook, twitter, or in your personal journal. Keep this somewhere you will be able to see it often.

Action #2:

Goals can seem unreachable or intimidating if we can’t imagine getting from here to there…..break up your goal into bite-sized chucks. Famous authors have described writing one or two hours a day…not trying to sit an write for hours at a time. So….. Action #2 is to break your goal into smaller chunks. What do you need to do to achieve that goal? Create some smaller steps that lead you towards your goal. If you don’t know, seek  help.

Quote of the week:

The tragedy of life does not lie in not reaching your goals, the tragedy lies in not having any goals to reach. It isn’t a calamity to die with dreams unfulfilled, but it is a calamity not to dream. It is not a disaster to be unable to capture your ideals, but it is a disaster to have no ideals to capture. It is not a disgrace not to reach the stars, but it is a disgrace to have no stars to reach.

Dr. Benjamin Mays
~ a United States minister, educator, scholar social activist and was the president of Morehouse College. Mays was also a significant mentor to civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and was among the most articulate and outspoken critics of segregation before the rise of the modern civil rights movement in the United States.

With that information in your mind, go and have a great week!
Lead on!


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