A Look at Exploratory


Our exploratory program allows Middle School students to choose their own elective course. Each year, teachers come up with new activities and students select which offerings interest them. In one school year, students complete four different exploratory classes – below are the options for exploratory in Term 1.

How to be a Ninja (2.0)
Ninja’s are awesome. Today’s ninjas must cope with many more things in life than their historical assassin counterparts. Learn a variety of skills, hone your senses, widen your discomfort circle and generally have a great time. Only the committed need apply. Becoming a ninja is a lifelong process.

The Art of Recycling
Using a variety of reclaimed materials you can create new works of art. You can work in sculpture, painting, printmaking, and more. Bring your ideas of how you can recycle things into your art and be open to trying new ways of using materials.

CSI Forensics
Keen observers and young scientists wanted! We will conduct mini-labs and explore other hands-on activities to help us solve a variety of crimes.

Fun Fitness
For all Grade 7 and 8 students (girls and boys) in fitness centre.

Rain or Shine Soccer
This exploratory is a fun soccer extravaganza for all grades.

Free the Children & WE DAY
If you are a Grade 7 or 8 student and interested in joining Free the Children this year, now is your chance to get a head start! We will meet to organize our “We Scare Hunger” drive and get ready for WE Day! If you are part of this exploratory you will automatically be eligible to go to WE Day in Vancouver. This is your chance to learn more about global issues such as poverty and hunger and act locally to help our community.

Games your Parents and Teachers Played
Harken ye back to the days of yore! Have you ever wondered or heard about the games your parents and teachers played? Ever wanted to play them? Well this is your chance. Come and join us for old time favorites such as “Pop 500”, “Blind Man’s Bluff”, “marbles”, “Jacks”, “Hopscotch”, “Five Stones” and “Skipping” to name a few.

We’ll play outside on the courts as much as possible. Improve individual skills and learn defensive and offensive team play. Take your game to the next level. Three-on-three and shooting competitions too. Open to girls and boys of all grades.

[gickr.com]_eaf562a6-938a-05b4-f15f-74d62ebcd95bPHYSICS PHUN: Structures and Things That Move
Do you love to build things and use your creativity to solve a problem? Each class you will be racing against the clock to build a variety of structures or contraptions given very specific and limited materials. Sometimes you will test your ability solo, and at other times you must learn to work well on a team. Bring your ideas and look forward to having some PHUN!!

Wooden Projects
Construct a wooden project (bird house, puzzle, toy, tool kit, picture frame) using hand tools.

Learn how to knit or extend your knitting skills. Small projects for beginners to more advanced projects for those with some experience. Come join our group and create!

Flag Football
No experience needed! Boys and girls, in all grades are welcome. You will need to change into your PE gear to play. We will be outside on the field so come prepared.

Drama Improv
Are you waiting to come out of your shell? Do you think quickly on your feet, have a wild imagination or a flair for improvisation? Come and stretch yourself!

Surviving September: Strategies for Success
This exploratory will give you some helpful tips that will ensure a positive start to the Middle School. We will look at study strategies, organization tips, and learner profiling. This exploratory is only open to Grade 6 students.

Japanese for Everyone
In this exploratory, you will be introduced to Japanese culture including origami paper crafts and Japanese songs. You will also try an “algorithm exercise”, a rhythmic exercise incorporating robotic movements, which is popular among young children in Japan.

Everything MineCraft
Are you a Minecraft Master or a noob? This is the place to come and learn more. We’ll go through the basics and then go on from there. Might even build a Minecraft model of SMUS.


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