What Does Leadership Mean to You?


Grade 5 students have a large leadership role at the Junior School. To commemorate this, we have an annual assembly where each student shares their thoughts on leadership. Here is some of what they had to say.


A leader is someone who has a bright mind and a strong heart. – Devon
A leader should be someone who is kind, responsible, helpful, courageous, supportive and caring  – Anna
I think a leader needs to think outside the box. – Firinne
A true leader is someone who is charismatic like President Barack Obama. He has all the attributes of a good leader. He is influential, accountable and assertive. – Divyesh
Being a good leader is being thoughtful and smart so you can figure out problems and teach others. – Rune
To be a leader you should be confident about your ideas, make good decisions and be flexible. – Alanna
Leadership is being strong, fearless and awesome! – Alistair

…Are Helpful

Being a good leader is helping others if they are hurt. – Michael
If you’re in trouble, a leader will help. I’m happy to be a leader at the Junior School. – Jacob L

…Are Role Models

I think being a leader is being quiet in the hallways because all the other grades copy you. – Kristina
Leadership means sharing with others, being a good role model, and being focused. – Carson
Leadership means helping kids if they get hurt and to be a good role model. – David
A leader must know what is right and wrong so you can show a good example for other grades. – Alicia
We should take pride in what we do. We should help and influence others. We should be role models for younger kids, like Kindergarten buddies. – Hannah S
The two most important things to me are being a role model and being responsible. – Theo
As a leader you should be looking out for all the younger kids. Set a good example. Make sure to not leave anyone out. – Luka
Leadership means being a good role model for others who will one day be leaders in the school. – Spencer
Leadership is setting examples like being kind, being quiet and not being bossy. – Markus
Leadership means to be someone to look up to. -Jacob G

…Take a Stand

Leadership is standing up for others. – Matteo
Anyone who can stand up for themselves and treat others with respect and kindness can be a great leader. – Stefan
I think being a leader is standing up for others, setting the right example and being kind. – Maddox
A leader stands up for what they think is right… and doesn’t back down, even when things get tough. – Nadia

…Respect Others

Leadership is showing respect for others. – Grace
To me, a leader will consider other people’s ideas and make everyone feel welcome. They will persevere to make the world better. They won’t give up, no matter what happens. – Caoimhe
Leadership is making good decisions and being selfless. – Matt
To me, leadership means you can be strong, confident and caring, and look at everything as an opportunity. Leaders think of other people around them as leaders, not just themselves. – Charlotte
I think leadership is treating others the way you should be treated no matter who you are. – Tori

… Are Not Bosses

A good leader won’t push you around and they won’t yell at you; they will just gently show you the right path. – Liam
A leader can be someone who can take the lead but let others share. – Zarina
Leadership is about many other virtues, for example, kindness, helpfulness, and generosity. – Oliver
I think a leader always does what is right, principled and open minded. – Nicholas
A good leader is someone you can be like but who lets your creative flare burst out. – Brynn

…Don’t Give Up

A good leader is someone who is always cheerful and happy even when things get challenging. – Shae
To me, leadership is making optimistic speeches and lending a helping hand. – Jason
To be a leader is to dream, then make that dream come true. – Logan
I think a leader should always have a positive attitude. – Emily
A leader never thinks negatively. They always think of a glass of water as half full – not half empty. A leader is someone with good judgment. – Claire

…Can be Anyone

Leadership is respecting other people for who they are. Anyone can be a leader if they stand up and try. – Sienna
Anyone can be a leader – big or small, rich or poor, healthy or ill. – Sebi
Anyone can be a leader – even all the Kindergarten can be leaders to Grade 5. – Claudia
I think that everyone is a leader so remember to let others share their ideas. – Grace


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