Testing the Leadership Waters


Several of our Middle School students recently attended the CAIS Middle School Leadership Conference. The event featured activities, guest speakers and plenty of recreational opportunities for the young delegates. Taking place at Onondaga Camp, nearly 100 students in Grades 7 and 8 enjoyed some beautiful scenery while learning about themselves and the power of positive leadership.

by Maddi, Grade 8
If I was asked to describe my experience at CAIS, I would say: fun, thrilling, and an experience I urge everyone to do. My favorite memory from CAIS was probably the travel. It was fun having a real road trip experience with all my friends. Camp activities included a giant relay race where we had to build a fire, “Leadership Disco” and kayaking. But the lectures were fun too!

On our first night there, we listened to Ian Tyson‘s talk called “The Hero Inside”, about how to be a super leader. At the end of his speech, he dressed up in a Superman shirt and taught us how to do something called the “nerd five”! At another lecture, we got to make glasses out of pipe cleaners which we used to see the world a bit differently, with fresh new eyes.


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