Looking Into the Ivy League



With the end of high school approaching, it becomes inevitable to start thinking about our post-secondary plans and what will happen after graduation. As a Grade 12 student, I have already started the complicated, yet very exciting, application process for universities. Last Tuesday, admissions officers from Brown, Princeton, Dartmouth, Harvard, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania, as well as Stanford University came to tell students and parents all about what it would be like to attend their schools.

These universities and colleges are among the best in the USA, not to mention some of the highest-ranking schools worldwide. I was very excited to attend this presentation because I knew there would be people from seven of the most prestigious universities in the world waiting to meet me.

At the presentation, each admissions representative told us about their school and what it would be like to be a student there. Overall, the main topics covered were academic programs, admission policies, cost and financial aid and student life. What I found most interesting was how each school was different and had a personality of its own. Whether it was the small college in Northern New Hampshire of Dartmouth or the busy Columbia in New York, all the representatives really gave us a sense of what opportunities and experiences await a student who attends their institution. I was also surprised to discovered how affordable these schools are, if you get accepted!

Following the presentation there was a general question and answer period as well as an opportunity to speak with each individual representative. As I approached, each booth blazed with university flags and banners, each representative greeted me with a friendly smile and they were all very helpful in answering my questions. In particular, I found it very valuable being able to introduce myself to the schools and have one-on-one conversations with their representatives.

I am personally interested in Brown University and its dual-degree program with the Rhode Island School of Design, so it was great to go up to the representative, who might possibly review my application, introduce myself and ask her all my questions about the university, the specific program and its particular admission process. I hope my fellow students found IvyPlus as useful as I did!


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