Two Steps Closer to a Graceful Space


Over the past week, our Junior School faculty, parents and neighbours have had opportunities to share their thoughts and creative ideas regarding our design plans for a new Junior School.

Last week, the Junior School teachers met with the school’s architects Paul Merrick and Shaun McIntyre to examine the conceptual design for the new Junior School. Paul Merrick kicked off the session by telling our teachers: “this is one of the most collaborative educational projects we have encountered – one which will ultimately support the alignment of the school’s educational vision with the design itself.” Teachers worked in teams discussing the educational vision and then gave input on the architectural plans. We used a process called “chalk talk” – where to focus our thoughts and generate ideas about the design, staff members jot comments silently on flip chart paper and move around to read and elaborate on their colleagues’ comments.

Then on Monday, parents, neighbours and other members of the public attended the Community Open House to look at the Junior School design plans and give us their feedback in writing. The input received through this consultation process was very positive and valuable, giving us the direction we need for our next steps, which are to finalize our drawings and make our submission to the Oak Bay Building and Planning Department later this fall.

One of the highlights of the evening was the input given by a number of children who attended the Community Open House with their parents. The children shared many exciting and creative ideas about learning spaces. The teachers and I look forward to gathering more input from the Junior School children throughout the year.

To see the current design and read some of the student suggestions, take a look at the display material from the Community Consultation.


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