Starting at SMUS: A Student Perspective


Last Christmas, I got an email from SMUS and it gave me the email address of a girl who is in the same grade as me – her name was Flora. She gave me lots of help and answered lots of questions about SMUS. Now we are best friends and I really appreciate her help.

On the first day of new boarders’ orientation, I met my houseparent Ms. Murtland. She was kind and smiled a lot. When I had lunch with other new boarders, the Head Girl came and sat with us. She introduced the school to us and told us that if we have any questions we can just ask her. And when I came into my room for the first time, I found a mug on my table that had my name on it. There was my student card and some home-made cookies in it. The cookies were very delicious and they made me feel like I was at home.

My roommate is Kenny Shokoya. She’s a Canadian from Alberta. It is the first time for me to share a room with someone from a different country but actually it’s not difficult to be the roommate of Kenny because she’s really nice and friendly. I will never forget her warm handshake and sunny smile when we first met. At first, we weren’t familiar with each other so we didn’t talk a lot. But then we found out that we have many of the same interests, especially in music, and that made us become good friends. And now we chat a lot:)

As for the first year at SMUS, I set many goals for myself. The most important one is that I want to fit in with the local students. I think that is very necessary for a foreign student. I can make many new friends and also that can help improve my English a lot. Also I want to earn good grades and join the musical (now I’m already in it). I tried out with the field hockey team but I gave up because of the musical. I think maybe I will try squash or some other sports.

I’m from Beijing, the capital of China, but I really like Victoria. It is quiet and beautiful, just like my hometown, a small town in the southwest of China. People here have a slow pace of living, they enjoy their lives and its not just about making a living. I like this kind of life and also the people here are friendly and hospitable. They always have warm smiles on their faces and when I need help they always give me a hand. I really like Victoria; it’s a peaceful place to stay.


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