Eco Arts Hat Making Volunteer

hatsFall FAIRfield: Harvest Fete will be hosting a hat making/decorating table as an extension of the Through Fairfield Seasons Eco-Arts project.

They will invite the public to use natural materials, repurposed invasive species, and unused art supplies donated by the community to create and decorate Harvest Hats to wear at the fair. We are looking for a star volunteer to lead this activity! They need a volunteer who has a creative mind, nimble fingers, and an ease connecting with the public. They will train you on the use of the materials and the rest is up to your imagination!

The time commitment is 1-2 hours training in the week leading up to the event, and 5 hours on event day (12:30-5:30pm, Saturday September 28th).

For more information please contact Vanya McDonell at 250-382-4604 or email


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