Forum for Young Canadians

forumCitizenship. Democracy. Governance. These concepts are integral to the running of our country, but what do they really mean? More importantly, what do they mean to youth?

For over 35 years The Foundation for the Study of Processes of Government in Canada has devoted itself to fostering leadership skills in young Canadians—to demystifying the political process and helping smart students get their voices heard.

Through its various programs—including The Forum for Young Canadians, its flagship program—The Foundation provides youth, ages 15 – 19, with first-hand access to the minds, the procedures and the energy of Parliament Hill. It also creates a community among the like-minded leaders of tomorrow.

It’s a chance for students to network, to get more comfortable with a second language and to translate the skills they’ve learned into real community action.

Many of today’s change-makers got started at Forum.  Could you be part of the next generation of national leaders?

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