Our Growing School


The school year is off to a fantastic start and everyone at the Junior School is talking about the newly renovated Grade 1 classrooms! With our two Kindergarten classes from last year now in Grade 1, a creative solution was needed to ensure that the children could be housed inside the building side by side. Remarkably, a second Grade 1 classroom was created out of two storage rooms and an office culminating in a bright and beautiful learning space.

Both Grade 1 teachers are delighted with the space and the connecting doors between the two classrooms facilitates interaction and communication between the two classes. Of course the children are thrilled with the classroom lofts (which were provided by a generous donor). Not surprisingly, students have lots to say about the renovation!

“I just love the new classrooms. There are new chairs which I like and new soft pillows up in the loft.”

“It is fun because we have our morning work and play time at the new tables and the room looks like a forest.”

Mrs. Galloway’s class:
“The loft is a fun place to be. It is a place where we can be with all our friends and the room feels new!”


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