An Early Start for Grade 12 Planning

by Greg Marchand

The University Counselling presentation for Grade 12 students and their parents that was held on September 12th was a great success with over 100 students and parents in attendance. This was the earliest that we have ever presented our fall post-secondary preparation event which we decided to do in order to catch any boarding parents who were still in town after dropping off their students. The numbers warranted keeping this early date for future years.

We presented information about what students and parents need to know in order to apply to post-secondary institutions in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and around the world. Copies of the handouts we distributed can be accessed below. In addition, our media team at the school filmed the entire presentation (above), so parents and students can always access this information. As always, the four academic advisors and university counsellors (Alison McCallum, Rea Casey, Jake Humphries, and myself) are available for parent consultations by appointment at any time.



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