All Aboard!


As students have written in recent Link Leader program posts, it’s not always easy coming to a new school. Imagine, then, if you were moving away from home to live at that school. Our houseparents and returning boarders specially prepare for this important time of year to help ensure a smooth transition.

That starts with keeping everyone busy. Very busy. It’s been pretty full-on since the Labour Day weekend and there are hundreds of images of welcome lunches, picnics, dinners, chapels, House Games and all things boarding. As you can see we’ve posted a few above, but you can search our Photo Gallery for many, many (many) more. Take a look, download as many full-resolution images as you want, share them, print them, send them to your in laws, pin them to your fridge and enjoy!

In case you didn’t know, there are individual house blogs that document these events as well. If you really want to see and read about what boarding life is like, check out the blogs below. You’ll see notes from the houseparents, pictures, videos, reflections on life by prefects, heads of houses and many other students, and maybe even be witness to the odd practical joke.

Our boarders work hard, play hard and take in their SMUS experience with zest. Check out life in boarding through the links below.

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House blogs

Harvey Hoodlums
Timmis Tigers
Bolton Penguins
Symons Superstars
Barnacle United
Winslow Pink Panthers


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