Meet Your Head Boy and Girl


Dear New SMUSdents,

Welcome! On behalf of the entire school, we welcome you to our SMUS family! As you may already know, our school welcomes a diverse group of new and returning students each year and we’re glad that you’ve decided to join us here. You’re probably wondering who the people talking to you right now are, so we’re going to introduce ourselves and give you the low down on how to excel here at SMUS.

Well, I’m Kalkidan, your Head Girl and a proud lifer of Winslow House (we’re the wackos rocking the hot pink)! Life at SMUS has been very juicy for me. You’ll usually catch me belting jazz with Mr. Butterfield in the Music department, slamming Tim Tams on out-trips and dancing in flash mobs in chapel. My question is: where do you see yourself? Music? Improv? Sports? Service? All of the above? I guarantee there’s a place in this school just for you.

A few ways to make your time here absolutely marvelous are:

  • Create family away from home
  • Make connections around school, whether it be with Brown Hall staff or students in other grades.
  • Give yourself some time to absorb the new environment before jumping into everything
  • Develop your own opinion

Finally, just BE BOLD and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to anyone you see around campus!

Hey! I’m David, your Head Boy and a proud Bolton Penguin of two years. First, I’ve got to let you know how excited I am to have all your new faces on campus! I know that joining a new school can be daunting, whether you’re coming in from the Middle School or from another school completely, but know that my goal for you guys this year is to make you feel right at home.

In the end, I hope that by the end of the year, you’ll each be proud to call yourselves a Blue Jag. Now, surviving at SMUS, as hard as it may seem right now, is actually pretty simple. All you need to do is follow these two words: get involved. Join a sports team, a school club, musical events or any of the other activities that SMUS has to offer. And if you’re ever looking for a friendly face on campus, maybe try mine :), just look for the guy walking around with a rugby ball in his hands. I’m sure he’d love to hang out with you.

At the end of the day, we are here to serve you! If you ever have any suggestions as to what you would like to see become a part of SMUS culture never think twice about letting us know. We hope you have an awesome first year!

-Kalkidan and David


  1. Well I read your welcoming article, well done. as a parent I am proud of you both.beside you look great, your welcoming speech is very nice.I will pray every day , you may have a wonderful school year. God bless you.




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