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Both the Middle and Senior School run programs before school officially starts to welcome newcomers to the school. Grade 12 students run the Link Leader program and Grade 8 students welcome new kids to the Middle School through WEB (Where Everybody Belongs). Below, a Grade 6 student talks about her warm welcome.

My First Day of Middle School

Yesterday was the first day of Middle School. I remember walking up to the gym, with a big smile on my face and with the hopes that I would not pass out, considering how nervous I was. I weaved my way through my friends and managed to make my way to the entrance of the single gym. I was one of the first people there and I remember looking behind me and my mouth dropping at the sight of all the kids. It was like I was in a lineup for a bouncy castle at the Saanich Fair. Two Grade 8 students then came rushing out of the gym in matching tangerine shirts. “Come on in!” they said excitedly.

As we came in, there was a big welcome party waiting for us hosted by a bunch of Grade 8 students called WEB leaders. WEB stands for Where Everybody Belongs. Two big lines of WEB leaders formed a path that led to a table with nametags on it. After I got my nametag and sat down, Mrs. Mollenhauer talked to us about the WEB leaders and their jobs and how they have chosen to look out for us and help us with our transition to the Middle School.

About 20 minutes later, after some team building games and more information, we split into small groups. I was very excited to see that I got Aysha and Sam. They were very generous and gave us a well-explained tour of the Middle School, which I thought was very kind of them. (They also gave our group tictacs, which always put me in a good mood.) When the tour of the school was finished we started to play some get-to-know-each-other games and filled out some sheets about ourselves. They gave us some tips about Middle School and some strategies to use in class.

Overall, I thought that the WEB program was an amazing way to get students ready for Middle School, and I also think that it is great to see that even though they are older than us, the Grade 8 students were us once upon a time, in the same position that we are today. I can’t wait until I am a WEB leader, helping people like they did for me, by making sure my year was going to be the best it could be.

My First Day of Middle School
by Evelyn, Grade 6

On my very first day of school, we didn’t have any classes. Instead we got to play a bunch of games and go on tours. To start, we all went into the single gym and we all sat down on the bleachers. The WEB crew (The Where Everybody Belongs Crew) were there to greet us. Mrs. Mollenhauer and Mrs. Lee (two really awesome teachers) are also part of the WEB crew. We played a couple of games and sang one song and then we got sorted into our groups. Each group had two WEB leaders, my two WEB leaders were Sarah C. and Owen.

We went into Mrs. Lee’s classroom and played some really fun and hard activities, for example, one of the activities was where we had to cross our arms and try to hold these straws up with only our pointer finger, and the other person was on the other side holding the other side (each person had two straws to keep up and together we formed a circle connected by straws). But that’s not all! We also had to try to jump without letting any of the straws drop!

After a couple of games/activities, we went on a tour all around the middle school. And they also showed us where brown hall was. While we were having the tours, our web leaders would test us on the middle school and whoever said the right answer first, would get a candy!

Then, we got to go to TAG (Teacher Advisor Group). My tag teacher is Mr. Floyd, the computer teacher, so the computer lab is our TAG room. Mr. Floyd told us all about himself, and then he paired us up with students that were not in our grade, and we told each other all about ourselves, and then we told the class aloud all about the other person. I got to be with Anna C. After I told Anna about me and she told me about her, we got to go and set up our lockers, and after all that, the day was over!

I loved my very first day of Middle School!

Photos from WEB and Link Leader are available in the SMUS photo gallery.


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