Graduation: A Rite of Passage


There are different types of energy all rolled into one when it comes to a graduation ceremony. There’s the excitement of finishing something and moving on coupled with the knowledge that something new, and perhaps challenging, scary or difficult is coming around the corner.

Sunday morning at the Royal Theatre was a celebration of what has passed and a look towards the future. The Grade 11 class, while looking back, also had a good view of what the future holds for them. For the class of 2013, it was a chance to reflect, brag a little and bask in the glow of a job well done.

Each year as the Grade Advisors read the Records of Achievement, I am still, after almost ten years at the school, stunned by the breadth and depth of experience and talent. Each student offers similar but unique talents and these ceremonies always reconfirm how lucky my wife and I are to work at SMUS.

To view the complete collection of photos from Closing Ceremonies, visit our photo gallery.

View the video below (part 1 and part 2):


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