SMUS “Lifers” are students who have spent their school lives at SMUS. This year, Grade 12 lifers will finally be leaving the SMUS nest. To celebrate, they were invited to visit their old stomping grounds at the Junior School campus, where they played and ate with Kindergarten students. It’s a fun tradition and everyone enjoyed themselves. The Grade 12 students sat in the very tiny chairs with the Kindergarten children and enjoyed bag lunches with them and their former Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Karen Dicks, now retired. It was a wonderful time to visit teachers, see the school and reflect on happy memories.

Lifers Comments

“Everything seems smaller.” – Sophia

“I liked playing Power Rangers with the Kindergarteners until they kicked me out. I wasn’t good enough.” – Arden

“They’re a lot smarter and more worldly now!” – Hannah

“I can actually reach the hoops now.” – Georgios

“I like coming back to see how things have changed. They’ve completely remodeled the playground. It’s cool how things evolve.” – Graeme

“I don’t remember being this wild on the playground, but I guess we were!” – David

“I love seeing the teachers again.” – Sam


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