iSpy: A Musical


It has been a lot of fun putting together this musical. The journey began around this time last year, when I asked the students, who were then in Grade 4, what sorts of themes they were interested in. Spies and detectives came up quite a bit, and so the theme for this year’s musical started to take shape. After my own brainstorming and research, as well as input here and there from the students, iSpy has emerged. Everyone has put a lot of time and effort into bringing the story to life! It was a great success and we all enjoyed the process very much. Congratulations to the students on an excellent performance!

Student Thoughts

“I liked Humpty Dumpty’s bodyguards.” – Cole

“I liked Humpty Dumpty’s song. He was very good!” – Tyson

“I liked Humpty Dumpty’s dancing.” – Anj

“I liked how the characters spoke very clearly. I also liked all the costumes, especially Inspector Flukey’s.” – Daniel

“I liked King Cole because he had three fiddlers and he was awesome!” – Arjun

“My favourite characters were Goldilocks, Inspector Flukey, and Jack.” – Xander

“The chase scene was my favourite part. All the characters ran on and off the stage at different times trying to catch Jack. I also liked how Jack peeked out of the curtains while the girls were at the park because he wanted their iPhone.” – Lauren

“I liked all their singing, and I liked when Margo asked her friend, “Are you sure this guy’s any good?” I laughed really hard because I thought it was so funny. I also liked it when Makayla was the Old Woman in a Shoe, and she was talking about all the girls bugging her.” – Naechal

“I really liked the three mice. They were funny because they thought they had lost their tails, but when took off their glasses and looked they saw they still had them.” – Jonah A.

“I liked when the Farmer’s Wife was threatening the mice with her knife. It was funny because they thought she had cut off their tails, but she hadn’t! I liked when Inspector Flukey put on a disguise, and he and the others went around the stage to the Mission Impossible music. Also, I thought the three fiddlers were a lot of fun to watch.” – Jamie

“I liked the Mission Impossible song.” – Evalida

“I liked the dancing to the Mission Impossible song. I liked that they were acting sneaky and rolling around the stage.” – Alexandra

“I liked that Jack was a double agent and I liked that Goldilocks had a crush on Jack, and she thought that the phone in Jack’s pocket was a ring box and that he was going to propose to her.” – Josephine


  1. Congratulations Stephanie and the Grade 5’s on a terrific show!
    Stephanie wrote a wonderful show that highlighted the talents in each of the students. It was fantastic.


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