Exploring Exploratory


The Exploratory program is a unique Middle School offering that allows students to try new activities without an academic component. Bringing all three grades together to get experience with robotics, golf, knitting, drama – anything that can engage kids and has some educational element. It also gives students a chance to experiment with picking their own classes, something they will do at the Senior School as well as university.

by Casey Gao, Grade 8 boarder

I had an amazing time as a Grade 8 student in St. Michael’s University School. We learned a lot from our wonderful teachers and had fun during recess and lunch, but sometimes it gets kind of stressful so our teacher arranged something called Exploratory. Exploratory is like an activity, you get to choose what you want to do, and you can relax if you’re not doing something like fitness.

It helped us learn many new things such as painting, knitting or how we can live in the wilderness. We have many selections for our Exploratory, and we would always change after a term. There is fitness and conditioning, watercolour painting, winter garden, board games and a lot more. There is always a teacher that will help you and teach you things that you might not have known before. The things that I enjoy the most are talking to my friends and listening to music when we do something. I suggest you to go to sewing or knitting because it is very useful and also very impressive.

See some of our exploratory activities from last year in the video below.


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