Website Developer


BC FAMILIES IN TRANSITION needs someone to keep their website up-to-date with current information, and if possible to improve the look and add new “bells and whistles.” This is a terrific opportunity to be creative!

The time commitment is very flexible! Most of the work can either be done off-site on your own time, or at their office during work hours.

For more information contact Richard Routledge at 250-386-4331 or email him at

Our multidisciplinary team provides a wide range of counselling and legal support services for approx 10,000 people per year. We work with adults, children, youth, and families and are thoroughly teamwork-oriented.  MISSION STATEMENT: BC Families in Transition helps children, youth, and adults manage the challenges of separation, divorce, or transition to a new family structure. Our highly qualified staff, working with other community agencies, provides information and practical and emotional support so people facing these challenges can make the decisions that are best for everyone. BCFIT believes all individuals can find ways to move forward in their lives when family relationships have changed or are changing.


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