Hummingbird Nest Monitor


The Hummingbird Project of BC encompasses a number of science-based studies of hummingbird populations in BC and Alberta. The Project is managed by the Rocky Point Bird Observatory.

The study site is located in a beautiful patch of Garry Oak ecosystem with a high density of nesting Anna’s Hummingbirds.  Nest monitoring takes place on Sundays year round, with three 2-hour shifts available at 1 hour after dawn, midday, and 1 hour before sunset. Orientation will be provided on site for new volunteers. Binoculars are recommended. Observation notebooks and pencils are provided. Observation is a “sitting job.”

Some nests require a bit of scrambling over bedrock and though the bushes to find. If mobility is an issue please let them know (some nests are easier to get to that others, and they also have lots of video that needs keen eyes). Volunteers may also be asked to help look for new nests.

For insurance reasons, volunteers must be Rocky Point Bird Observatory or Victoria Natural History Society members, and must sign a waiver.  Membership to Rocky Point Bird Observatory can be obtained here:

They are looking for volunteers who would like to commit to more than one volunteering shift.  At 2 hours per shift the volunteer time commitments are relatively short, but it would be good for study continuity to have the same trained individuals participate.

For more information contact Ann Scarfe at

Rocky Point Bird Observatory
Rocky Point BO promotes bird conservation and stewardship through bird monitoring, research and education.



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