Concerto Spotlights Soloists


The Concerto Concert always stands out in a very hectic concert season, perhaps because its format is so different from the rest of our ensemble performances.

The soloists that take the stage at Concerto concerts are some of the finest musicians our school has to offer, and they often bring instruments that usually fall into the background to the forefront of a performance. While their individual talents are on display, the show remains a group effort, as their peers play alongside them.

This year the orchestras stepped up big-time as a perfect storm of provincials for rugby and badminton as well as nationals for rowing and two broken arms conspired to thin the ranks. Despite this, the music spoke eloquently and provided an evening of excellent entertainment. Congratulations to Donna Williams and all the musicians.

Watch a recording of the concert below. For many more high-resolution and downloadable photos, take a look at the SMUS Photo Gallery.


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