An Olympian End


After a year of intense competition – both physical and mental – the house games season wrapped up this weekend with the House Olympics. Spirits were high as competitors faced off in a range of activities. House songs featured some impressive dance moves this year, and while while the rugby players might have thought they’d have an advantage, plenty of novices managed strong showings in the improvised game of getting a rugby ball through a hoop.

The slip’n’slide was perhaps the coolest – and coldest – part of the day, as brave boarders couldn’t avoid getting wet in their fast descent down the hill on a mixture of water and soap (for extra slide).

House games are, of course, about more than brightly coloured t-shirts and getting some exercise. They are a great way for an ever-growing community to come together and try to make some memories that will last long past the summer.

Photos by Chris Bateman and Darin Steinkey
You can see plenty more high-resolution and downloadable photos at the SMUS Photo Gallery.


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