A Lesson in Poetry


A week ago, a Grade 12 student named Lindon Carter came to the Junior School to perform a song for us with his band. The following day he came to our class, 4H, and he talked to us about music and poetry. He really inspired me and many of my classmates because of the way that he wrote his poems and talked to us about his writing. He made me really want to write more poetry. My friends felt the same way. One friend wrote a poem about a lighthouse as soon as he said that word. He was really fun and engaging to work with and we got to write some new poems that we are all very proud of. Before I finish, I would like to share my poem that Lindon inspired me to write:

I Would Like
I would like to take a trip to Nantucket, I would like to go to the
market and smell the warmth of the fresh bread, I would like to go for
a bike ride and feel the cool ocean breeze in the air, I would like to
go look out at the ocean, clear at shore, then becoming a rich dark
blue as far as I can see, I would like to go home, get tucked in to bed, and fall into a deep sleep.

by Amalia, Grade 4
I think it was so amazing that Lindon was able to move and change some people’s minds about the beauty of poetry and how artistic you can be if you try. Linden’s poetry was so inspiring and when I looked around at all of my classmates while he shared, I was astounded at the amount of faces with a newfound wonder dancing upon them. He inspired me so much to be exactly what I want to be and to not let anybody change who I am. I was inspired to put my all into everything I was passionate about and share my personality and passion with others.

He went really far with his love of music not unlike mine and all the while he was talking about all the things he loved about music I was thinking, “What if I did that, could that really be me one day, telling people about my passions and provoking new talent yet to be uncovered?”. And I said to myself, if I can truly learn to accept my myself and others, Of course I could. He made me believe the words he told everybody, “Poetry can be anything you want it to be, even music.” Poetry to me is the language of dreams, past, memories and mistakes all formulated into one piece of emotional fabric. You can’t ever predict what is going to happen. To me it’s like a way to realize your ideas and just pour out your trapped emotions and create something of nothing.

Thank you Lindon for being so inspiring and changing minds for the better. I will never forget that.

by Tori, Grade 4
Dear Lindon,

Thank you so much for coming to the Junior School Grade 4H class and reading poetry to us. You are a great inspiration to all of us. I learned so many poetry writing techniques and strategies. Your poetry was so amazing and I hope that one day I will be able to write poetry like you. You are very talented in your poetry writing and in the musical arts. You have inspired me to follow my passions and to follow my dreams. You have also taught me that when you set your mind to do something and don’t stop believing in yourself, you can do anything you want. I am sure you will have a very very successful career ahead of you. I wish you best of luck in your life at university and after.


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