Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Service Day


by Nick Loughton, Grade 10 student

I have been living with Type 1 Diabetes for 13 years; since I was two years old. As a young person with Type 1 Diabetes, I can do work with the JDRF to be a face for the disease, especially at fundraising events. This year is my second year as a JDRF youth ambassador and in this leadership role I feel that I can be a role model for other youth.

With the JDRF I also do my own fundraising for events such as the walk to cure diabetes which happens every year in June. The next logical step for me was to try to get the school to help me fund raise through a service day. When the service council first began the process of selecting which organisations they would be donating service day profit to, I began preparing for my presentation to service council as to why JDRF should be selected for a service day. Fortunately the service council granted a service day to the JDRF this year.

Service days can seem like large events that are difficult to organise, but with the help from the service council the hardest thing I had to do was to plan the chapel. Thankfully the service council has a lot of experience with organising a service day and they managed to take care of all of the details associated with such an event.

While working with the JDRF I get the opportunity to meet a lot of really interesting people. One time, I met a research scientist, Dr. Pere Santamaria, from the University of Calgary who was doing work into finding a cure for diabetes. This experience really helped me think about what I want to do when I go to university, and I am seriously considering a path as a research scientist working to cure diabetes. Now, I am inspired to work to raise money for JDRF after seeing how much work is coming out of his lab and how much of a difference he can have on the lives of everybody living with diabetes.


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