Be a Farmer!


The Urban Biodiversity Enhancement and Restoration project aims to integrate biological conservation with small scale organic farming. The project goals are to restore wetland, Garry Oak meadow, and other rare landscape features and increase the biodiversity including native plants, frogs, salamanders, butterflies, dragon flies, birds, bats and other species. Volunteers are needed for planting, removing invasive plants, mulching, and other gardening-type duties.

The Farm is located at 741 Haliburton Rd. The monthly work party is the first Saturday of each month. Other times arranged by the volunteer and the volunteer coordinator are possible.

Volunteers can learn about local ecosystems, native plants, and wildlife under the guidance of professional biologists.

For more information contact Kristen Miskelly 250 544-0455 or email her at

Haliburton Community Organic Farm Society oversees the development and management of Haliburton Farm, a 4 hectare certified organic farm owned by  the District of Saanich, located at 741 Haliburton Road.  The Society promotes certified organic farming in the region, offers Growing Food in the City classes, volunteer placements for practicums and internships through schools and learning institutions,  arranges monthly volunteer work parties, sells produce to the public at public markets downtown and at Moss St. donates produce from their farm to charities, supports farmers who farm sections of the property as their own businesses.  They are entirely volunteer run.


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