Collaboration Across Continents


by Amal Khan, Grade 11

This year in Art 11, my class had the experience of being involved with a project directed by the Tate Modern art gallery in London. The project connected schools around the world to share work based off a common theme. Our first objective was to select the school we wanted to collaborate with. There were schools from all over the world and we were happy to partner with a school in Mexico.

Themes for four different projects were given and we split into groups to brainstorm our ideas. The projects were very open ended and encouraged creativity as well as interaction with the community and environment. After completing our projects we exchanged short video clips and pictures of our works.

It was interesting to see the variety of artistic expression despite the common theme of the projects.

The highlight of the program was connecting via Skype with the school in Mexico; we spoke about our pieces explaining our processes and the feedback we received. We learned a lot about the school and had the pleasure of speaking with individual students as well. The Tate Project allowed us to enjoy art beyond the classroom presenting us the unique opportunity of international collaboration.


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