Science Challenges and Triumphs

This year, we entered three teams of four kids from Grades 6 to 8 in the All Science Challenge. Each had to study and memorize several very challenging areas of science, math and technology. The competition takes place across Canada at a number of universities to help encourage kids to connect with the universities, and to promote a love of science and technology. We started studying in January.

The first part of the afternoon was a quiz show type session where teams gained a variety of points for correctly answered questions. After lunch the teams had a technology challenge. They had 45 minutes to build a “robotic type arm”, much like the Canadarm, using tongue depressors, tape, ear plugs, and a bit of elastic and string — very difficult. The arm had to be taped to the top of a table and pick up an ear plug from the floor and transfer it to the table top. You were not allowed to touch the ear plug or arm directly, but could manipulate it with string, etc.

One of our three teams placed 2nd overall out of 24 teams. This team, SMUS Blue (Sage, Lucas, Jonathan and Adam) is in the video below. The other teams were SMUS Red (Chris, Terra, Julide and Franklin) and SMUS Black (Roan, Ayham, Joshua and Sasha).

by Ayham, Grade 8
All Science Challenge was an exhilarating event that many of my peers and myself had the opportunity to take part in. It was stimulating, yet fun, and featured hands-on design challenges and trivial questions from a wide array of subjects; among the many that were offered were engineering and technology, chemistry and biology — all of which I was given the privilege to solidify my knowledge in. Although my team did not place in the top three, we had a group of students who finished 2nd overall. However, it is not about winning; in the end, it was about having a great time and working to a challenging standard.


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