Oh to be young again!


When I was a teenager, I spent my summer vacations babysitting and bussing tables. Summer school was the furthest thing from my mind and although there may have been opportunities out there beyond remedial academic course work, I never knew about them! When I look at the plethora of really cool things you could do during your summer, I am jealous. Whether you are still in school or about to head off to university, you can get a leg up in any number of academic subjects, brush up on your social skills in “Pass the Manners, Please” and explore new environs with new people.

In our office, we receive notification about many programs and include information and links in the daily announcements, as well as post information on our “Summer Programs” bulletin board in the University Counselling Centre. Check out the PDF below that summarizes some of the fantastic options you could pursue this summer in BC, the US, or abroad. Or, if the deadlines have passed, you might consider waiting on a few tables to make some money for next summer!

Summer Opportunities



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