Off To the Races


On your marks! The sports field has been cut and the running track has been freshly painted.

Get set! The Junior School athletes from Grades 2-5 are jogging around the track with excited anticipation. The chatter is lively: “Who are you going to race? How fast can you go? What is your favourite distance?”

Go! Another season of track and field has now started and our athletes are busy sprinting, delivering slick relay baton exchanges and testing their endurance in fun competitions. Over the past few weeks, we have had 95 participants in the Times Colonist Children’s 1.5km run. We have also hosted five competitions against other independent schools and participated in a track and field jamboree at UVic. It has been great to see our athletes apply their skills with such joy and success.

Darius in Grade 5 loves sprinting; “I really enjoy testing my speed against other runners,” he said. Margo loves all the events but is especially fond of the distance running; “I like planning my race, pacing myself, then finishing with a strong sprint.” Michael really enjoys the relay races; “We have an excellent team and have been practicing our baton exchanges. Things are going really well for our team.”

Our final event of the season will be Sports Day on Wednesday, June 5th at 12:45 pm. From all the hard work that has taken place, we can look forward to an exciting and action-packed afternoon of athletics!


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