Active Mindfulness

As a member of our Heath and Wellness committee, I fully appreciate the opportunity for mindful moments. Early in the year, I began incorporating these minutes into my Grade 4 class. What started out as a few minutes with the lights out and the music on, has turned into about 15 minutes (almost every day) where we look forward to gathering our thoughts and being mindful. Most often we practice this after the lunch recess when the children have been running around outside. Some of my students like to sit at their desks, some like to sit on the floor and many of them even curl up on the floor with a pillow. We close our eyes and stay in the present moment.

I asked them recently to reflect on their mindful moments and have chosen a few to share:

Student Thoughts

by Anna
“Every school day we have a mindful moment to help everyone to be more mindful. When I am in my mindful state, I work better than how I work when I am not mindful. I also do not get distracted as easily when I am in my mindful state. Being in a dark room with music like the music we play in class or being around horses helps me be mindful.”

by Divyesh
“I appreciate mindful moments because I am extremely active (playing soccer) at recess. I love mindful moments because of this reason too, most of our days are busy so I think mindful moments are good to have.”

by Stefan
“To me, mindfulness means thinking about the present, thinking about my feelings — am I happy, sad or emotional? It’s also being quiet and still while going deep into these thoughts. Because the whole word mindfulness means you are being mindful of yourself. That’s why I feel we should think about how we are doing while being mindful.”

by Rune
“I feel peaceful and at ease in a mindful moment. I also feel relaxed and it is a good way to have a break. I like to check in with myself in mindful moments. I really think the music calms everyone down.”

by Brynn
“I feel happy, thoughtful and cool in my mindful moments. I feel mindful when I lay my head on my desk and listen to the music. I love mindful moments because I can relax for the next class.”

by Shae
“Mindful moments make me feel really calm and peaceful. It takes my mind off things that will happen later in the day. I really enjoy having mindful moments. I think the music is really nice and calming. When I have a mindful moment my brain goes clear. I sometimes count my breath. I think mindful moments really help me. Mindfulness to me is making ourselves calm and realizing what emotions we are having — like if we are tired, excited, happy or sad.”

by Nadia
“Mindfulness to me is staying in the moment and thinking at the same time. I like to do shavasna because it is very natural and I can calm myself really easily when I do it. I really like mindful moments because it is a chance to calm your body and mind. At first, it was a little hard for me, but now that I’ve found a position that is comfortable it is really easy.”

by Tori
“Mindfulness means that you should respect yourself and be in the present. It is being peaceful and relaxed. It is appreciating what you have and all that is going to come. It is focusing on your breath or heart beat. It is time for being in the present and forgetting about the stuff that is going to come or has already passed. I feel relaxed and peaceful when I do it. It just calms me down instantly. I clear my mind and go to a mindful place.”

by Amalia
“Mindfulness is being calm and relaxed, living in the moment, accepting your emotions in whatever ways they come and being okay with your emotions and how you feel. I enjoy mindfulness because I can escape from chaos and find peace inside myself. With mindfulness (this is a quote that I like) it’s not waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain. It’s about learning no matter how chaotic, sad or difficult it gets, there is always spirit, soul and peace if you look in your heart. It is about loving yourself and learning to relax when it gets hard. Using determination to push and endure, but finding a place after where there is no battle, only peace. That is what mindfulness is to me.”

Interested in trying mindfulness? Use the tips in the video below.


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