The Moral of the Musical


Our Grade 2 students recently performed The Cuckoo, a Mexican folktale that tells the story of how the Cuckoo lost her colors. According to this tale, it is the job of the birds to collect all the seeds before the Fire God burns the crops to prepare the land for the coming year. The beautiful Cuckoo bird is reluctant to help because she is afraid, but in the end, it is the brave little Cuckoo who flies through the flames to save the seeds when the Fire God arrives early. Her beautiful feathers are all singed by the flames, and she becomes a colorless grey bird. The moral of the story is that one should never judge a person by their feathers (or clothes!).

This is the third year that the Junior School has done a Grade 2 musical. A culmination of musical learning from Kindergarten to Grade 2, students must be able to speak, sing, dance, act and play instruments with confidence. They learn a great deal about patience, persistence and cooperation as they work to bring the production up to performance standard. Every single member of the class gets to feel like a “star” and like they have accomplished something very special.

And it was indeed special! The performance was attended by the entire Junior School and by the families of our Grade 2 students, with a sprinkling of other guests who have discovered that the Grade 2 Musical is a well-kept secret that is worth attending! The audience gave this year’s Grade 2 class, who sung several of the songs in Spanish, a hearty standing ovation.

Student Thoughts
“I had so much fun up on stage singing all the songs. The fire dance was one of my favourite parts. It looked so beautiful. I learned my line very quickly. Mostly it was fun doing a line. The costumes were amazing.” – Naechal

“I loved when I heard I was the owl. I now know my real talent is singing. I was the happiest girl. I liked being the owl because I got to sing my own song.” – Anj

“Our musical was really fun. I enjoyed being Chac. I also enjoyed the fire dance. I learned to memorize and project my voice. It is really easy if you think about it. You need to be really brave if you want to be great. Being a god is really awesome!” – Daniel

“Our musical was lots of fun. I liked the fire dance. We made a few mistakes but the rest we did well. I learned bravery, memorizing and courage. I was a narrator.” – Alec

“I enjoyed doing the fire dance, singing, projecting my voice to the back of the gym. The best part was being a narrator and doing my lines. I learned about memorizing the song and being brave.” – Bhavi


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