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Career Week was a busy one this year, with two events running each lunch hour. Students had the opportunity to attend panel discussions of related careers and to hear from speakers doing a specific job. Many presenters were alumni and all brought valuable and diverse experiences. Speakers encouraged students to follow their passions, work hard, be flexible and have a back-up plan. We also hosted futurist Wayne Hodgins for a talk about what education and skills will be most valuable in the job market of the future.

Below, three students share what they learned from Career Week. For a complete list of presenters, click here.

Biomedical Engineering and The Road to Medical School
by Charlie White, Grade 11
On Monday, I attended a biomedical engineering career session with Dr. Anthony Hodgson from UBC. I have always been interested in engineering and medicine; Dr. Hodgson explained how biomedical engineering combines both engineering and medicine to create an amazing career. In the future, biomedical engineers will be in huge demand due to our aging population. Dr. Hodgson works directly with surgeons to help create devices to assist doctors during surgeries.

I attended “The Road to Medical School” with Navraj Chima ’05. He laid out his journey from a microbiology degree at UVic to applying to medical school at UBC where he will graduate in May 2013. Navraj talked about his courses and extracurricular clubs he was involved in during medical school. I found his story to be truly inspiring because even as a busy medical school student, he still found time to be a part of an acapella singing group and go on international exchanges.

Business & Law
by Lisset Cabrera, Grade 10
I went to the career week because I am interested in the field of business. I found it very helpful because you get to ask any questions you have. The speakers were very clear in their answers. It was also nice to know that the three people that talked to us were from SMUS, since they looked like they were very successful. It was interesting to hear what path they took to be so successful. I learnt that I can get to where I want to be if I work hard and make the right choices. I really enjoyed the talk.

Health & Sport
by Keenan Manhas, Grade 12
For the Sports Management and Careers in Sports talk, speakers Doug Tate, Gareth Rees and Mira Laurence had a lot of useful information to share. They all agreed that the traits of being dedicated, honest and outgoing were generally the biggest assets at a person’s disposal. Doug Tate, coach of the UVic Rugby team and Gareth Rees, former Canada Rugby Captain, both agreed that in order to become a pro or even varsity athlete it takes devotion and most of all mental toughness. CTV sports anchor Mira Laurence added to the fact that in order to be a star athlete it takes confidence on and off the field. The general theme of the presentation was that if you are serious about pursuing a career in sports, it takes time on and off the field or the newsroom to develop your skills and put you in the best position to succeed.


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