A Look at Ancient Japan Through Art


by Zach, Grade 8

On April 26, the Grade 8 Japanese class went on an amusing and educational field trip to the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. We went there to take a look at an exhibit of photographs taken by the first Westerners to visit Japan after the borders were re-opened in 1853.

These photographs are special because they show what Japan was like prior to the Westernization we see there today. Of interest, artists had edited many of the photographs in the exhibition, and hand-painted them to add colour.

The class took an hour-long guided tour through the gallery. The tour started off at an old Japanese Shinto shrine, and ended with a viewing of woodblock print paintings by Hasui Kawase. Everyone in the class was amazed at the quality and quantity of the amazing collection of photos and woodblock prints on display at this exhibit. The entire Japanese 8 class learned a lot about old Japanese culture from this excursion, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during this interesting experience.


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