No Batteries Required

Just in time for Earth Week, we spoke to Ann Makosinski, whose human-powered flashlight just won her a trip to the Canada-Wide Science Fair. At the Vancouver Island Science Fair last week, Ann placed second overall and won a total of nine awards, including a number of trophies and scholarships.

Having competed in science fairs for several years, Ann came up with the idea for her flashlight by combining two previous projects. Below, she demonstrates the flashlight and explains a bit about how it works.


  • The SCWIST Award (Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology)
  • The Rotary Club of Victoria Prize (Excellence in an environmentally-related project)
  • The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (Victoria Chapter)
  • THE DAWEG Award (Division for the Advancement of Women in Engineering and Geosciences)
  • The Nathan Geminiano Award (for representing the region for a second time at the CWSF)
  • The JASCO Award (awarded to a top exhibitor who is attending the CWSF)
  • The Association of Professional Engineers and Geo-scientists of BC, Victoria Branch (awarded for excellence in a project related to engineering or geoscience)


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